1. I get to say the n-word and nobody can get mad at me about it.

2. I get to have a gun, but minorities with guns are thugs.

3. No soldier shall be quartered in a proper mental healthcare facility that can actually help them.

4. No search and seizure without a warrant (skin color is a warrant).

5. I don’t have to admit to having said the n-word.

6. I usually stop reading by this point… umm… thou shalt not kill?

7. Go Packers.

8. Seven rounds up to 10, good enough.

My mom is running to the store for popcorn and snacks so we can Watch A Movie Together. She’s making a big production of it since it’s so rare she gets a day completely off and we’re both awake at the same time. It is pretty cute :3




…. What

pokemon is forreal #Wakeupamerica


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In case you’re feeling down, here are some penguins playing with bubbles.

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Guess who finally woke up in a restless enough mood to try sketching out my next tattoo(s)



At 29, Patrick is the oldest living wombat. [x]


I wanna pet a Digger-mousie.

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there is a lot here to take in

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