and we’re back to weird gryphons!

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I just had to try it

What kind of restaurant is this /what have I gotten myself into/


世界を革命する力を!【习作 by みえこ 小野咩子

Revolutionary Girl Utena

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i’ve been thinking about all those posts about “we need female heroes who do girly things”/”why is the female hero always such a tomboy” and then the response posts that are like “uhhh actually we don’t really have any really masculine female heroes either” so i was trying to figure it out—what do we have, exactly?

and really what we get is women who eschew “girly” things while still managing to look like society’s ideal woman. they would never touch eyeliner (they’re too busy with Important Things), but their eyeliner is immaculate. they have a huge, varied wardrobe, but wouldn’t be caught dead actually shopping for clothes. and it reminds me of the expectation that women must be effortlessly beautiful. don’t wear makeup or you’ll seem self-absorbed—but god forbid you look like you’re not wearing makeup. it’s interesting to me, that the impossibilities imposed on female characters are the same ones imposed on real women.

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this is probably the first gif of a megamouth shark Megachasma pelagios. enjoy it

also, is one of three recordings of this shy animal.  As of 2012 only 55 megamouth individuals are known and have been found all over the world, with most originating from the Pacific.

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why he lick me

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A girl who cannot become a princess is doomed to become a witch.

-Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Just marathoned this masterpiece; a postmodern fairy tale about altruism, femininity and breaking the cycles of abuse and learned helplessness.

Heartbreaking and empowering.

pinoqino,  I always love this type of composition in art

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look at how dope armadillo lizard skulls are

aka dodongos

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